Hat-wearing Intruder Busted at Seattle Jobsite

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UPDATED September 11: Only two days after the apprehension below, another of our operators, Minta, received activations from the same construction site. She could see a shadow of someone walking away and continued to receive alarms. The police department, likely remembering the success of the dispatch on Monday, had officers surround the site. Minta was on the line with the dispatcher when she received video from the west stair case with two individuals coming down the stairs with their hands raised. Watch the footage reel and get a good look at the suspects!   THE ORIGINAL: Shortly after midnight this morning (Sept. 9), Joe, an operator in our Verification Center,  received an alarm from the construction site alarm system device installed on the west staircase of a large construction jobsite in Seattle. Joe could see someone walking down the stairs. He dispatched Seattle PD and tried to reach the site contacts but could not. The police called back and reported that they had arrested one person on the site. Watch the short video of the intruder walking in and walking out with his arresting officers.