Tip Tuesday: Home Fire Safety Infographic

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Residential fires happen in the United States every 83 seconds and are responsible for more than 2,500 fatalities each year. The majority of all home fires begin in the kitchen, but in the winter months, unattended heating equipment and fireplaces often cause home fires. By taking a few fire safety precautions at home you can protect your family and your property. Check out our fire safety infographic below to learn more:

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home fire safety infographic SECURE (1)

Older space heaters are particularly risky. If your device has not been safety tested and UL approved, consider upgrading to a newer model that has heating element guards and a safety shut-off feature. These newer models shut off quickly when overheating and turn off when tipped over which greatly reduce the risk of fire. Keep all space heaters at least three feet away from combustible and flammable materials, and never use an extension cord to power these devices.

We hope the home first safety rules we’ve shared will help you stay safer this winter. Remember that a smoke detector shouldn’t replace fire safety equipment for the home. All homes should be equipped with at least two or three fire extinguishers depending on the square footage of the home. You should also have an escape ladder if the house is more than one story. At Secure Pacific, home security is our priority whether it’s monitoring your home for fire or intruders. If you’d like to learn more about our residential fire alarm systems that monitor for smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide, contact us today at your nearest Secure Pacific location in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.