Boost Your Home Burglar Alarm With a Home Intercom System.

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At Secure Pacific, we take residential security seriously and work hard to provide excellent protection for your home and family. Our verified residential security systems are the perfect way to protect your home and secure your property. Take that protection to the next level with home intercom systems.

Home intercom systems can be installed at the exterior doors of your home to enhance property security. With an intercom system from Secure Pacific, you can now see and speak with someone at your door before letting them in. No more opening the door to strangers—an intercom system puts the control in your hands by allowing you to speak to the person at your door within the safety of your own home.

Home intercom systems can also be installed in the interior of your house to improve family communication. Installing intercoms in the rooms of your home lets you locate and talk to family members across the house with the press of a button. These “talk stations” can be conveniently placed throughout your home and garage so you no longer have to wander from room to room or yell across the house. Your whole family will benefit from the increase in communication and accessibility.

Our home intercom systems can be installed on their own or integrated into a complete residential security system. Combine an intercom system with intrusion detection, residential keyless entry system, environmental monitoring, or home video surveillance to maximize protection for your home and family.

At Secure Pacific, we value your safety and will make your security our first priority. Each security system from Secure Pacific comes with our Peace of Mind Guarantee so you can rest easy knowing that your home is secured by a local security company. Our team of experts will work with you to customize each security system to fit your unique protection needs.

Contact one of our five locations in the Pacific Northwest to request a free security assessment and learn more about how our security solutions can fit your family’s needs.