Home Security: Before and After

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When you’re looking for great home security protection, remember that you not only need a security system for the home that you live in, but when constructing a new home, you also need a security system to protect your future house before you and your family start enjoying your precious memories in it.

Burglary and home intrusion rates are on the rise in the Seattle area. Thieves are becoming more and more brazen as the tight economy forces people to rob and steal to desperately make ends meet. Alarm systems for your home are important to protect your family and valuables when you are living in it, but what about before you move in? In great numbers, thieves are stealing materials and belongings from construction sites and half built homes to pawn or sell stolen goods. Before the home is even built, some owners are out thousands of dollars in damaged or stolen goods and vandalism. Why not protect your belongings and building materials while your family’s home is under construction with a verified home security alarm system?

A verified security system is the best home security system for your present and future home. With sound and video verification, our 24/7 Verification Center Team can verify through video what is happening on your jobsite and verify through audio once the home is finished and ready for you to live in. This around the clock monitoring and verification results in fewer false alarms and faster police response in the case of real security threats. As a local alarm company in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, Secure Pacific can provide your home protection with verified security systems.

Residential security systems are essential for peace of mind. A verified home security system will provide you and your family with our peace of mind guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your house is protected before your family moves in and makes it a home.