How Can Verified Alarm Systems Save your Small Business Money?

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  Thieves might believe that small businesses are unlikely to have sophisticated security systems. As a result, they might feel more confident targeting a business that they is unlikely to trigger a police response. That’s why it’s particularly important for small businesses to make sure their facilities have protection against criminal action. If you own a business in Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, Portland, or Boise we can help you to choose a comprehensive security plan to keep unwanted visitors off of your facilities, so you can feel confident leaving work at night. Verified alarm systems  not only keep your business safe, but save you money. Faster police response time ensures that suspects are apprehended before they can make off with assets, merchandise, and equipment or damaging your property. Verified alarm systems also save you from penalty fees caused by false alarms. Many jurisdictions charge fees of up to $150, and they can also suspend police service to your business if there are too many false alarms at your facility. This can cause serious problems to your business if you face situation where police response is critical. Verified alarm systems can also save you time, money, and needless hassle whenever you’re awakened in the middle of the night with a false alarm that’s going off at your business. If your alarm system is ever accidentally activated, our Operators can reset it without bothering you or dispatching the police. Verified security systems are the only way to operate in today’s day and age. The technology is affordable, efficient, and effective. Secure Pacific is one of the top security companies serving Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Boise. We want our customers to sleep better at night, which is why we have the Peace of Mind Guarantee Program. For more information on the finest in alarm monitoring and verified video security systems, contact us today.