How Can Your Business Benefit From Keyless Entry?

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Why keyless entry?

Keyless entry, also known as managed access control, is a great way to keep your business safe from theft because:

1) It's highly effective in restricting access to confidential areas so you don’t have to worry about breech of classified information or loss of high value inventory. Only people with programed access will be able to enter secured areas.

2) It provides an audit trail of who gained access to an area, and when. This means that if something does go awry, you can trace it back to a certain time, and to whoever had access to the site.


Which types of businesses benefit most from keyless entry?

Retail shops, pharmacies, restaurants, financial institutions, restaurants, and gyms, are some of the businesses that benefit most from keyless entry systems.

If you own a restaurant, for example, managerial staff likely need to arrive early, while others need to stay late and lock up. Kitchen staff as well as janitorial staff may need access at odd hours of the day and night. This can make it tough to secure all points of access at different times. Furthermore, restaurants often have areas where large sums of cash are stored. Limiting access to key personnel in these areas prevents any mishaps and inventory or monetary loss.

Medical facilities and pharmacies can also benefit from keyless entry systems. Store rooms with narcotic medication as well as areas that contain expensive medical equipment and medical records are vulnerable to both internal and external tampering. Managed access control in these key areas keep records confidential and medical supplies safe.

Regardless of the business you're in– if you have multiple employees, valuable property, or sensitive information, keyless entry is one of the most effective ways to keep your business secure.

At Secure Pacific, your commercial keyless entry systems come fully managed by our team of 24/7 specialists. You can also integrate your keyless entry system with verified intrusion systems, video surveillance and 24/7 monitoring for maximum security and peace of mind. For more information on keyless entry for your business or residence contact us today for a free security assessment.