Jet Ski Thieves Arrested in Kent

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A manufacturing supply company in Kent, WA experienced a break-in last Friday when two suspects cut the fence and stole a jet ski from company property. Operator Mike Young was monitoring the account when he received motion viewer activations from the company’s yard. He saw someone pushing a jet ski across the yard and dispatched Kent PD. Four police cars and a K-9 unit arrived quickly and were able to track down the suspect and an accomplice as they were driving away with the jet ski in their truck. The jet ski was recovered and the suspects are in custody. Outdoor spaces for warehouses and distribution centers can be as vulnerable to attack as interior ones. Equipment and supplies are often left temporarily in yards and lots before being moved inside or placed on trucks, which allows criminals to see them easily through fences. In this case, the jet ski was on wheels and was easy to move around. Without the outdoor video verification alarm system, the criminals would have been able to escape with the watercraft and the fence would have been left open and unprotected for any additional bad guys in the neighborhood.