Under Construction: Job Site Security Systems in Honor of Building Safety Month

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Construction site theft and vandalism can be a costly problem. The Construction Data Company (CDC) reports that losses due to construction site theft total more than $1 billion each year. Don’t let your job site become one of those victims. Job site security systems from Secure Pacific can keep your equipment safe and your construction site protected.

The problem

Job sites can be tough to secure. They sometimes lack physical walls and secure storage, and a fence can only go so far to keep thieves at bay. What’s more, they’re full of targets that thieves find inviting—copper wire, metal, and other valuable equipment. The CDC reports that the value of stolen heavy equipment alone can total nearly $300 million annually. But there’s some good news: running a construction site doesn’t have to mean leaving yourself vulnerable. Secure Pacific offers video-verified security systems that are tailored for construction sites.

The custom solution

No electricity on site? No problem. Secure Pacific’s job site security systems are wireless and require no electrical connection or phone line. Expensive equipment on site? We can have someone watching it for you 24/7. An on-site guard can only be in a single place at any given time. With verified video monitoring from Secure Pacific, you can select multiple locations for security monitoring. If any of the locations on your site register an intruder, our trained operators will view the footage in real-time and alert local authorities. Our operators are will also remain on the line, monitoring any intrusion and often remaining in touch with police dispatchers through the process of apprehending intruders, guiding the officers straight to the location of any security breach. No two construction sites are identical—that’s why Secure Pacific will work with project managers to analyze your security needs and design a security system that’s perfect for the security essentials you need to protect your project and your equipment. During Building Safety Month, focus on keeping your crew productive, healthy, and safe—not distracted due to theft or injured due to vandalism. Contact Secure Pacific today and we can help you find a security solution for your construction site.