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Over 130 Apprehensions in 2020

Secure Pacific’s 24/7/365 Verification Center works to prevent false alarm dispatches. By using video to see what caused the alarm to go off, Secure Pacific can verify the alarm before dispatching local law enforcement. Verified jobsite security enables us to see and subsequently inform law enforcement, in real time, what is occurring on a protected site. Our ability to verify alarm signals allowed us to assist in apprehending over 130 bad guys in 2020.

Most alarm companies are not truly verifying alarm signals. Their monitoring center may receive alarm signals from various devices, but do not see what caused the alarm to go off. This creates timely hesitation in dispatch protocol and could result in significant loss or damage to property.

There is no question that burglaries and trespassing are daily occurrences on construction sites. Teenagers running through the site, thrill seekers, vandals, and criminals looking for a quick score. Not to mention, vagrancy and the rising homeless populations contribute greatly to the day to day challenges construction sites face.  No matter the circumstance, this creates liability hazards, potential building setbacks, potential site damage and loss of equipment, or worse.

Once intruders are on a construction site, there are a number of areas of concern.

Likely, one of the top concerns is the cranes on site. Cranes pose liability concern for thrill seekers. Some social media sites are dedicated to thrill seekers sharing selfies of themselves hanging precariously from cranes. While only holding onto the crane with one hand, potentially exposing themselves to a number of risks that could lead to death. A death a thrill seeker could have a number of social, community and legal ramifications given the construction site location. 

With the wide array of potential ramifications that can occur on a construction site, doesn’t it make sense to have protection from a company with a proven track record of assisting law enforcement with putting bad guys in jail?

Loss is preventable if the proper precautions are taken.  Our customers enjoy peace of mind of knowing that we have taken these precautions by designing a comprehensive site specific video verified security system that provides a high level of protection. 

construction-jobsite-securitySecure Pacific’s Verified Security systems help minimize risk, loss and liability.

Secure Pacific provides detailed professional security designs for our customer’s sites. We provide peripheral devices to trigger cameras, allowing our “Verification Center” to see what causes the alarm to go off. Once a crime has been verified, the police are dispatched.

What does your current security company use? If your current provide doesn’t offer audio or video verification, they are not offering security.   

Knowing it’s not a matter of if the site will be violated, but rather when it will be violated. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the site is protected with a video verified security system from Secure Pacific?

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