Keeping Watch Over Your Kids, Even When You’re Not Home

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The “back to school” shopping commercials have begun and before you know it, there will be a crispness in the air signaling that fall is near. This also means that it’s time for kids to head back to school. However, for a number of these children, it means returning to an empty house after school until their parents come home from work.

According to a 2014 “America After 3pm” study by Afterschool Alliance, one in five children spend time after school alone and unsupervised. The numbers have slowly been on the decline but that still means that 11.3 million children are without after school care. These after school programs help give working parents peace of mind that their children are safe and secure. Another problem is related to a decrease in after school funding. More than two in five children would participate in such programs if there was the availability.

It can be a stressful decision to leave your children home alone so why not give yourself peace of mind? If the programs aren’t available in your area, there is another way to monitor your children when you’re not there. Secure Pacific offers video surveillance as part of their services. Did you know that you can view what’s going on in your home from your mobile phone? With appropriately placed cameras and Secure Pacific’s mobile app, you can watch the moment your child walks in the door and ensure they’re staying safe, even when you’re not there. You will have the power to monitor your child’s comings and goings and rest easy knowing they are secure at home.

Additionally, it’s imperative that your child knows and fully understands how to arm and disarm the system. Keep a contact card next to or nearby the system should your child have any trouble with the system and so they will know who to contact. It’s also a good idea to keep a list of numbers for family members, neighbors, etc. near the alarm system or phone should an emergency arise. Knowing a security camera is present may make your child feel more secure as well, knowing you are able to watch over them even when you’re not physically there.

Other safety tips for children who are home alone:
• Practice an emergency plan with them for if a fire, earthquake, etc. occurs
• Ensure they understand to not open the door to strangers
• Limit the amount of cooking they do
• Keep potential dangers (chemicals, sharp items, tools, etc.) out of reach
• When answering the phone, be sure they do not disclose that you (the parent) are not home but to say you are “unable to come to the phone.”

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Keeping Watch over Your Kids, Even When You’re Not Home