Lost-Time Accidents? Try Lost-Time Intrusions.

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If you’ve ever been in a warehouse, you probably know that there’s a lot that can go wrong. Heavy equipment, loud noises and flying debris can lead to all sorts of dangerous accidents. During shifts, supervisors and managers are around to make sure that things are running smoothly and safely. After hours, however, there is typically little supervision or monitoring of the facility. Secure Pacific provides warehouse security systems that do more than just sound a siren. We know that many warehouses are located in remote industrial areas, so intruders believe that no one is watching them come in and out. With a Secure Pacific alarm system for a warehouse, Secure Pacific’s expert operators use video to verify every trip on the system. If it is a false alarm, the system is reset and the warehouse manager gets to stay in bed. If it’s the real deal, we notify police and get a fast response so that you face as little loss as possible. Due to the large size of some warehouses, it can be difficult for responding officers to know where an intruder may be hiding or pilfering without help from video verification. On the off chance that a conventional alarm provider was able to dispatch police to a warehouse with a real intrusion in a timely manner, the officers would likely arrive on site and have to search the entire facility, giving the burglar plenty of time to escape without being caught. With verification, our operators can stay on the line with police in real time to guide them to where the intruder is. They can also protect the lives of the officers by letting them know how many people are inside and if any of them appear to be armed. Our police forces are incredibly brave to protect our communities from crime, so it’s the least we can do to give them as much information as possible to keep them safe. Unlike the many other alarm providers out there, we actually help police catch criminals. If your warehouse is lacking real, headache-free security, feel free to contact Secure Pacific at 1-877-837-4723. Watch real footage of a break-in caught by a monitored video surveillance system: