Most Dangerous Cities in Washington & Oregon Ranked By Robberies

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Using data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, we’ve compiled a graph showing the most dangerous cities in Washington and Oregon for robberies.  Although neither Washington or Oregon are near the top of the list—Washington is the #30th and Oregon is the #39th most dangerous—the amount of robberies occurring in major metropolitan cities is enough to give small business owners and homeowners pause. As of 2014, Seattle’s census shows a booming population of approximately 640.500 people.  Although Portland only has approximately 10% less people than Seattle, Seattle has nearly 50% more robberies.  Seattle’s second highest city for robberies, Spokane, has more robberies than all of Portland’s neighboring cities (Eugene, Salem and Gresham) combined. Installing a security system will protect your small business, restaurant or home from the trauma and hassle of dealing with a break-in. Worry less while you’re away from work or home with a Secure Pacific system—our dedicated 24/7 Verification Center can give you peace of mind that your alarm company is continuously monitoring your assets and have your best interests at heart.