National Night Out in the Northwest

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The first Tuesday of this August marked the 30th celebration of the annual event, National Night Out Against Crime, a celebration of community wholeness and security. For this celebration, people across the country set up neighborhood parties and invite members of law enforcement in order to promote a trusting, cohesive relationship between law enforcement and their respective communities. This year’s National Night Out was particularly successful here in the Northwest. In Seattle, 1,427 different blocks registered to take part in National Night Out. That number grew considerably from the 1,366 seen during National Night Out 2012. For one Seattle community, Capitol Hill, National Night Out is an especially crucial time for strengthening neighborhood ties and relationships with the local police force. Capitol Hill has experienced considerable problems with crime in the past, and strengthening those ties continues to be an essential part of preventing crime from occurring in the future. More than 20,000 people gathered in Portland to participate in the event. The Humboldt Neighborhood Association held one of the larger celebrations, which took place at Portland Community College’s Cascade campus. The event featured entertainment such as live music provided by Melao de Cuba and tours of Paragon Restaurant & Bar’s newly remodeled building. The innovative National Night Out ideas seen every year combined with participation from various businesses enables this event to be more successful every year. This year, the Central Rim neighborhood of Boise had a big reason to celebrate. In the last six years, Boise has experienced a significant crime reduction, which many people attribute to neighborhood awareness and community involvement. Knowing your neighbors and working together can make a big difference in the safety of your community. Community security is important, and events like National Night Out play a big part in bolstering that security. It’s imperative that local police forces and their respective communities can work cohesively to fight crime. Home security systems are an effective way to further that protection. Contact us for more information regarding security systems to improve your neighborhood’s safety.