Not your typical alarm system

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I cannot promise you will never be robbed or your home or business won’t get burglarized if you have a verified security system, but I can promise you, if you have a verified security system, police departments are more likely to respond to the call and there will be a greater chance of capturing the intruder than with a typical alarm system.

Verified security systems are security systems that utilize audio, video or a combination of sound and video to verify a crime in progress. These systems are not the typical bell-ringing siren, chiming alarm system that renders little or no results from law enforcement.

The key challenge is, there is not enough information about verified security systems and as a consumer, you may believe one alarm system is the same as another. Having this mindset is the key challenge, most, if not all typical alarm systems do nothing more than make noise and cause false alarms.

Verified security systems are different they provide details of the crime in progress for law enforcement responders, which translates to a priority response and in a lot of cases, an apprehension. Video verified security systems provide details on how many intruders are in the facility, identify if the intruders have weapons, general description of the intruder and which direction the intruder is moving in the facility.

Verified security systems aid law enforcement personnel in apprehending criminals, provide needed information about intruders and allow the responder to prepare accordingly before arriving at the alarm sight.

Verified security systems are not your typical alarm system; it is however, the only way to go to protect a home or business.