Does your business have outdoor security concerns?

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Does your business have an exterior fenced storage or parking area that has security concerns?  Have you tried your own security measure of putting motion lights or barbed wire around?  What about going as far as putting up cameras you bought at a big box retailer?

All of those things are great but ultimately they do not do the trick of stopping a burglary from occurring.  There are many ways around barbed wire and bright lights only let the criminals see what they want to take easier. Cameras only allow you to watch them walk away with you stuff after the fact…..

What you really need is a video verified security system from Secure Pacific.  Our unique motion viewer (motion activated camera) technology allows us to verify a crime in progress as its happening and dispatch police with a speedy response.  This fast response leads to arrests of the criminals and keeps your vital business assets safe.

Our systems can be completely wireless and customized to fit any application.  If you or someone you know has a business with outdoor security concerns, have them give Secure Pacific a call for a free custom security system consultation today.

See our systems in action– watch this video from when we caught three burglars in one day!