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When it comes to securing buildings, laying out a protection plan is relatively simple, depending on the type of system being designed. Indoors, there are walls, windows and doors. Outside, however, is another story. Standard fences can only do so much to keep people out, and motion detectors can cause unrelenting false alarm headaches (think birds, tree branches and passing cars). While there are security devices built specifically for fences, they can be overcome with a little inventiveness. This past summer, we worked with an organization that experienced recurring loss from their fenced lot. The owners were confused; they had a fence alarm system that was supposed to activate if anyone climbed over the fence. As it turns out, juveniles built a ramp system to get over the fence to steal tools. Our solution? Motion activated cameras that connect directly to our Verification Center. We placed motion viewing devices strategically around the yard and our Operators analyzed video clips from the devices whenever they were activated. That meant that we only dispatched to suspicious situations, not to the bird bringing leaves to its nest. We work with many companies who store big-ticket items in fenced lots, such as cars, RVs and power tools. One client of ours is Roy Y Wrecking in Spanaway, WA. Here’s what Royallade himself has to say about his experience with us:  

Here at Roy Y Auto Wrecking, we chose Secure Pacific to protect our business. We were tired of inventory loss and wasted time. We were fed up with going home each night knowing we would probably come in to work the next day and find more fence damage and theft. Secure Pacific had a proven record of helping the police arrest criminals stealing from fenced yards and open areas.

The installation was professional, the customer service and technician service is incomparable to any other company out there. And, true to their word, Secure Pacific’s operators saw a guy through our motion viewers and dispatched Sheriff’s officers to our business. Because the break in was verified, the officers arrived quickly and the guy was caught in the act and arrested.

The most valuable part about my security system is, when service is needed, Secure Pacific shows up, repairs or replaces equipment, and then tells me to have a nice day. When the invoice comes for that service the balance is zero. All of my system is covered for a life time. That is what the sales consultant told me. Hard to believe, and I had doubts but it’s true.

We’ve been with Secure Pacific for just about a year. They have fixed my security problem.  There are a lot of security companies making a lot of promises, but Secure Pacific has kept every promise plus more. I absolutely recommend this company to everyone looking for true security with an honest company, quality products, and knowledgeable employees.