Burglar alarm frustrates business owner, not burglar

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Working for a security company one hears an awful lot of stories about failed burglar alarm systems from victims of break-ins and burglaries. I want to share one recent story I heard because I believe this story relevant to many business owners with a typical alarm system.

The value of a local security company

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At Secure Pacific, we are a business security company that provides office security. We are also a home security company that provides home security systems. Most importantly, we are a local security company that treats our customers with top notch loyalty and professionalism.

What is the value of supporting local businesses? There are many values. Think of these few examples as a map to the success of supporting your community:

Preventing False Alarms

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What causes false alarms?

User error causes 70% of false alarms. Be sure to train anyone who may be using your system. Secure Pacific offers free refresher reviews on system operation for as long as you remain a client with us. Other causes of false alarms include:

Verified security defined

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Verified – To substantiate, establish truth, reality and accuracy
Security – State of mind of being secure from danger
Solutions – Problem solving

A Real Solution: Construction Site Alarm System

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An epidemic of job site-related theft is going on everywhere. The only way to stop criminals is to catch them with a construction site alarm system like Secure Pacific’s. As the largest private locally-owned and monitored verified security solution in the Puget Sound, we’re the experts.

When the job site is shut down for the night/weekend, often only a chain link fence stands between valuable items like copper pipe, wire, tools, generators, power tools and, in some cases, appliances and burglars.

Preventing Residential Burglary

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Over the past couple of weeks in the Puget Sound area there has been a lot of news reports of residential burglaries while the home owners are in the house.

Seemingly, criminals are getting braver, bolder and aren’t afraid of making contact with home owners. For these reasons, it is important to ensure your home is secure before its lights out. Here are a few steps that may assist a home owner prevent unwanted intruders entering there home at night.

Don’t let your business be next

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According to the 2011 FBI Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report, there were 987 robberies, 6,149 burglaries and 25,858 instances of property crime reported during the first half of 2011 in the Puget Sound Area.

In the US, a commercial robbery is committed every four minutes, and retail stores with no burglar alarm system are 3.5 times more likely to be victimized than those retail stores with an alarm system.