Pizza Pilferer Arrested While Breaking Down Door

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Some people love eating cold pizza for breakfast, but not many would go to this extent to get it. At 4:30 this morning, Kris Etheridge in our Verification Center received multiple alarms coming from the kitchen door at a pizza restaurant in Arlington, WA. She dispatched Arlington PD and notified the restaurant contact. Police arrived and arrested the suspect outside of the business while he was attempting to break the door down. The back door was badly damaged but no other damages or losses have been reported so far.

Early detection and capture are some of the many benefits of a dedicated alarm monitor and immediate police dispatch. Kris could tell from the repetitive alarms and strange hour of day that something wasn’t right. Rather than waiting to find out, she dispatched the police. Her quick follow-through led to minimal damage and loss to the restaurant so they could open today for business.

That afternoon, our Installation Manager went to the restaurant to make sure that the system was still operational due to the door damage. He saw that the suspect had used a large chunk of concrete to try to smash in the door, which created enough movement to activate the door sensor. The family that owns the restaurant is thrilled about the arrest, especially because they had suffered from multiple unresolved break-ins prior to installing our security system.  Apparently the Arlington Police were quite impressed with the effectiveness of our monitoring as well.


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