Portland Business Alarm Systems | Is Your Business Protected?

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Sunshine has finally arrived in Portland, marking the end of what is always a rainy, dark winter. This time of year is ideal for business owners to renovate, rearrange and reorganize their properties, as well as to leave their doors and windows wide open. Unfortunately, summer time also brings an uptick of crime; in fact, our Verification Center made more than 45% of its annual criminal apprehensions between May and August during the last two years.   While closing windows and locking doors are easy ways to prevent theft at your business, they won’t do much once someone gets inside. Think you’re covered with a conventional alarm system because you have contact sensors on your doors and a motion detector? Think again; those systems produce false alarm rates of around 98%, which will make your long summer nights even longer with call after call from your alarm company. Once you’ve had enough of those calls, you’ll be convinced that every trip is false and you might not dispatch the one time you really need to. Worse, you might quit arming your system all together– meaning that you’re paying for nothing. We love the city of Portland and we want to keep businesses thriving here. To do that, we offer Portland business alarm systems to protect the assets of the companies that keep this town going. Our business alarm systems use verification technology that drastically cuts down on false alarms by proving that a break-in is occurring. Our security systems also provide comprehensive coverage that can recognize break-ins from places other than just doors and windows. By reducing your false alarm headaches and increasing your level of real protection, our business alarm systems in Portland can help you keep your company thriving through the summer months.