Preparing for a More Secure Winter

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  Brrrrr … the weather forecast this morning calls for snow above 1000 feet. I know, right? I’m not ready either. But ready or not, here winter comes. You can’t put off your facility’s cold weather preparation projects any longer. While you’re at it, add these items to your winterization “to do” list to help increase facility security. Your company and employees will benefit and you’ll enjoy a more peaceful winter season over the chilly winter months.
  • Schedule your annual fire system inspection for a thorough cleaning and fresh batteries.
  • Reset timers on cameras, camera lighting and DVRs to allow for dark winter days.
  • While weatherizing doors and windows, inspect locks and frames for strength and security. Replace or repair as needed.
  • Eliminate hiding places by trimming landscaping and installing lighting. Light up doors, walkways and parking areas. Adjust timers for shorter daylight hours.
  • Remove anything that could be used to climb onto the roof. Confirm roof hatches are secure.
  • Check security cameras for obstructed views, dirty lenses or fogging.

General Weatherization Tips

  • Develop an extreme weather action plan and train employees on it.
  • Purchase de-icer for sidewalks, walkways and parking lots.
  • Shut off exterior water taps and drain in-ground sprinkler systems.
  • Inspect trees; remove hazardous branches.
  • Check caulking; replace where needed.
  • Check bricks or blocks for cracked mortar or loose joints.
  • Inspect roof venting systems and clear any debris.
  • Set heating to above 40 degrees at night or when the building’s empty.
  • Open crawl spaces to allow heat in while temperatures are freezing.
  • Inspect the roof for weaknesses and assess the roof’s ability to bear weight of snow.
  • Clean drains, gutters, window wells and downspouts; repair as needed.
  • Shut down cooling systems and drain or add antifreeze as needed.
  • Provide heat or proper anti-freeze solution for water cooled equipment such as compressors.
  • Protect open piping, coils or instruments where needed.
Call your Secure Pacific Security Consultant today if you have questions about winter facility security or increasing security in any season.