What Does Risk Cost Your Business? Prevent Lost Business for your Auto Shop with Video Verification

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Risk Management is a part of any company structure, but when your business is especially at risk for lost business due to break-ins, vandalism, or damaged goods, risk management becomes even more crucial. Auto shops have often been targeted for theft or vandalism because of the high cost parts and equipment housed within the shop. During off-business hours, auto shop owners must rely on security systems to protect their property, and they need to know they have a system they can trust. With Secure Pacific Verified Security Systems, business owners and property managers can sleep soundly, knowing their company is protected by our Verification Center 24 hour video surveillance.

Break-ins, theft, and vandalism result in high costs for business owners, not only due to stolen or damaged goods, but also because of elevated insurance claims and coverage. Security alarm systems are an option, but if the system is not verified, false alarms can result in hefty fines and late night annoyances. For the highest quality monitoring of your property and protection of your business, investing in a verified security system is your best option.

Video Verification is a powerful way to protect your company property. Secure Pacific Video Surveillance Systems can help guard your business from burglary and vandalism, while guaranteeing a swift, verified response from our Verification Team in the case of an attempted break-in.

When a security alarm is triggered, our Verification Team is able to assess the threat, verify the alarm, and alert the police in real time. This verified alarm results in a quicker response time from the police department and can lead to catching a criminal in the act.

Want to see a Secure Pacific security system in action? Police arrested three suspects after our team saw them and dispatched officers on a verified alarm.

Break-ins, theft, and vandalism result in lost business, high insurance costs, and more. Don’t take a chance with your company; protect your business or commercial property with Secure Pacific’s smart security solutions. To learn more about our alarm systems for small business, video monitoring systems, or CCTV systems, visit our security essential website.