Preventing False Alarms

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What causes false alarms?

User error causes 70% of false alarms. Be sure to train anyone who may be using your system. Secure Pacific offers free refresher reviews on system operation for as long as you remain a client with us. Other causes of false alarms include:

  • Open, unlocked or loose fitting doors and windows
  • Drafts that move plants or curtains
  • Wandering pets
  • Banners or signs
  • Helium filled balloons

The problem with false alarms:

  • False alarms take police away from real emergencies. More than just embarrassing you, these situations can endanger responding authorities and your whole community.
  • False alarms may make you reluctant to arm your system, exposing your home or business to undetected theft and fire.
  • False alarms make your security system less reliable and credible.
  • False alarms can cost you money. Almost all cities and towns assess fines for excessive false alarms.

Getting ready to activate your system:

  • Lock all exterior doors and windows.
  • Keep pets, balloons, fans, banners and signs away from motion sensor areas.
  • Know how to cancel the alarm if the system activates.

How to prevent false alarms:

  • Allow the security company technician to examine and service your security system annually. Routine maintenance can prevent many false alarms.
  • Notify your security company immediately if you think your system isn’t working properly.
  • Make certain everyone using the system understands how it works. Anyone who has a key to your home or business needs to know how to operate your security system.