Preventing Residential Burglary

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Over the past couple of weeks in the Puget Sound area there has been a lot of news reports of residential burglaries while the home owners are in the house. Seemingly, criminals are getting braver, bolder and aren’t afraid of making contact with home owners. For these reasons, it is important to ensure your home is secure before its lights out. Here are a few steps that may assist a home owner prevent unwanted intruders entering their home at night.
  1. If the home has a security system, ensure yard signs are strategically placed so anyone approaching the home can see them.
  2. Place the security company stickers on vulnerable windows.
  3. Ensure all windows and doors are secured.
  4. Close the curtains or blinds so an intruder cannot see inside the home.
  5. Ensure no ladders are left out around the yard.
  6. Ensure no tools or valuables are left around the yard.
  7. Leave the front and back door lights on.
  8. Light up pathways around the home.
  9. Trim down all shrubs and bushes in front of windows that can conceal a criminal.
  10. Set the perimeter or stay mode of the home alarm system before bed.
  11. Most importantly, don’t believe, “it will never happen to me”. Statistics show it just might.
There is no guarantee these tips will prevent a burglar from attempting to enter your home while you are there, but taking simple measures like these can make the home less vulnerable. The bottom line is to be prepared.