Protect Yourself Against Squatters with Video Verification

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Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to read or hear about a squatter taking ownership of a residence or occupied commercial retail space.  The laws that protect squatters vary from state to state, but the law seems to be written for the squatter and not the real property owner.  Think I’m kidding?  Take a look at the definition of “Squatters Rights”. Just a couple of years ago, The Oregonian profiled a Portland homeowner who was locked in a legal battle with a squatter who overtook the owner’s vacant property. Secure Pacific has a real solution to prevent squatters from taking over your properties.  We offer a verified video security system that notifies our Verification Center when an unwanted person enters the vacant property and our highly skilled Verification Operators contact law enforcement and let them know of the intrusion.  In most cases, the police can apprehend the would-be squatter and charge them with criminal trespass.  Our verified security systems offer short-term agreements to suit your needs, are cost effective and will assist in preventing costly loss. For additional information on squatters rights, contact your local law enforcement agency. To protect yourself against squatters, contact Secure Pacific Corporation at 877-837-4723.