National Crime Prevention Week: Steps to Protecting Your Home, Business, or Construction Site

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The first week of September is annually recognized as National Crime Prevention Week. This weeklong event was created with the intent of increasing awareness and reducing crime and victimization in the U.S. Cities across the country participate in the event, creating programs to educate their communities on crime prevention tactics. At Secure Pacific, we would like to recap some security options for your home, business, or construction site in order to continue to help cut down on crime and keep families and properties safe.

Protect Your Home:

To increase your home’s security, get in the habit of locking doors and windows, install exterior lights with motion sensors, and clear your yard of tall bushes, low hanging tree branches, or other areas that would provide an easy hiding spot or access to your property. For the highest level of home security, consider video alarm verification . Secure Pacific offers Verisafe technology and monitored security systems to provide the best residential surveillance in the industry. Sound and video verification systems, as well as security systems that provide monitoring of environmental factors, keyless entry, and intrusion detection can provide you with peace of mind while keeping your home secure.


Protect Your Business:

Secure Pacific has been the leading verified commercial alarm systems company in the Pacific Northwest for more than 30 years. When you own your own business or commercial property, you want to make sure that your property is secure at all times, especially after business hours. Keep a constant eye on your business with commercial security systems from Secure Pacific.


Protect Your Construction Site:

Keeping a construction site secure is one of the most challenging aspects of commercial security. Some security companies won’t work with construction sites because heavy foot traffic, multiple entrance points, and expensive on-site equipment make these sites too difficult to secure. Secure Pacific not only offers custom security solutions for construction sites, we have an impressive track record to back up our history of protection. To fit your unique security needs, we offer short term lease options and custom security systems, all with our around the clock monitoring and Peace of Mind Guarantee. Choose the highest level of security for your under-construction properties and choose Verisafe technology from Secure Pacific.