Remote Video Surveillance: Does CCTV provide adequate security for your business?

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Let’s start by explaining what CCTV is… CCTV, or Closed Circuit TeleVision, is a system that transmits television signals over limited monitors on a network. CCTV systems usually utilize CCD video cameras to produce the video, as well as cable or wireless transmitters (or the Internet) to transmit the video, and screens or monitors to see the video. A CCTV system is not only used for security and surveillance purposes but also for other uses, such as in laboratories in schools or in private companies– even production lines in factories. As the uses for CCTV increase, the camera and surveillance industry are developing a variety of equipment, like time-lapse VCRs, combiners, infrared illuminators, pan/tilt angling and more. The most recent development is remote surveillance over smart phones, tablets and laptops. CCTV is a great tool for business owners to record or watch live events that happen throughout their business, but after hours when the system is not being monitored, a CCTV system continues to record without notifying anyone of a crime in progress. That means that when a business owner comes in the morning after a break-in, they’ll have footage of the crime but no way to really track down the suspect or recoup their losses. While many people think that they can monitor their own systems, it is impossible to be on guard 24/7 the way a professional security monitoring center can. Think about it– you’re in the shower when a crime occurs at your business. By the time you are aware of what’s going by using your remote CCTV surveillance, it is likely that the criminals will already be gone with your property. The most effective use of CCTV for intrusion protection is to align a CCTV system with a security system and a security company that verifies alarm signals.  Secure Pacific is just that type of company.  To  find more information about Secure Pacific, our products and services, please contact us at 877-837-4723 or download the free brochure below.