Residential Security Systems: Be Proactive, Not Reactive

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This statement can be applied to many aspects of life, but considering that many homes will be stocked with new gifts and many businesses will be closed over the holidays, security is a great example of something worth being proactive   about.  Burglaries occur multiple times every day and it is only a matter of when, not if, a burglary will occur in your neighborhood…or even worse, in your home or business.  Many people tend to seriously look at burglary alarm systems only after they were already victimized and suffered losses.  Why would you wait until this happens to you? Secure Pacific provides an alarm monitoring service that goes far beyond traditional alarm monitoring companies – we VERIFY our clients’ alarms which prevents false alarm dispatches to the police and generates a VERY FAST police responses to real burglaries (because we can tell the police we have verified that the alarm is real).  The increased police response times naturally leads to higher rates of apprehensions…and reduction of losses due to burglary. Be proactive this season and protect your home and business with Secure Pacific’s Verisafe security solutions.  Even if you currently have a traditional alarm monitoring service, contact Secure Pacific to learn how a verified alarm monitoring service far exceeds the capabilities and rewards of a traditional alarm monitoring service and compare our Peace of Mind Guarantee to….well, the other guys just don’t/won’t/can’t legitimately offer it.  Happy Holidays!