Safety & Security: Parking Structure Security Management

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Parking structures are the gateway to your business—they’re the first and last place your customers and employees see when they visit your location. Keeping that gateway safe with high quality security equipment and round-the-clock verified response is a key priority for any business owner. Here are three steps you can take to keep your structure secure.


  • Invest in video

If you have a parking structure with multiple floors, even an on-premises security officer can’t be on every level at once. To keep a watchful eye on all areas of your parking structure, install video surveillance cameras. Video surveillance equipment is capable of recording digital images that capture a clear picture of your parking structure at all times. With remote viewing capabilities, you can log in to view your data from any computer or mobile phone.

  • Make sure it’s monitored

    Even a high-resolution video image won’t help catch a crook in the act unless there is someone on the other end watching the video. At Secure Pacific, we specialize in 24/7 video monitoring with a verified response. Our operators are trained to watch video clips and alert police during a break-in. In fact, we’ve assisted law enforcement officials across the Northwest apprehend 27 criminals so far this year. Our verified response means we can also make sure that the alarm was not tripped by a squirrel, a drifting balloon, or another non-human trigger.

  • Light your lot

Providing good lighting for your parking structure can help your customers and employees feel safer when entering their vehicles and assist law enforcement officers and verified security operators when they’re dealing with a crime in progress. If installing extra lighting is not an option, Secure Pacific can install low-vision surveillance cameras that provide a view of your property even in low lighting conditions.

To schedule a free security assessment, call Secure Pacific at 1-877-837-4723. We can provide you with the tips, security equipment, and professional monitoring you need to keep your parking structure secure around the clock.

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