Seattle False Alarm Program – Ten Years Later

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Any business owner would agree that an effective, reliable security monitoring system is essential. Many people, however, overlook the potential negative consequences of having a sensitive security system. False alarms can waste your city’s resources, and cost you money. Secure Pacific is committed preventing false alarms and streamlining law enforcement efforts when it comes to intrusions. Fortunately, many cities are taking the initiative in preventing these sorts of incidents.

Seattle, WA is considered a pioneer for instituting the False Alarm Program. In 2004, the Seattle Police Department began issuing $125 fines for every false alarm. Over the next seven years, Seattle’s false alarms decreased by 30%. At the beginning of 2011, however, the city took the program a step further and implemented variable rate fees: $115 for an incident with an automatic false alarm, and $230 for a manually activated false alarm. Since its inception, the Seattle False Alarm Program has reduced the city’s false alarms by 50% and provided the blueprint for cities across the nation to start similar initiatives.

By introducing variable rates in 2011, the city of Seattle incentivized local business and residents to invest in more advanced, electronic security systems. By cancelling the dispatched officer response prior to arrival, the fee is reduced to $30, with no fee given if the response is cancelled prior to dispatch.  Locations using verified security systems, which confirm every intrusion before dispatching law enforcement, experienced better results and fewer penalties.

Even with preventative measures like the implementation of fees, false alarms still cost the private and public sectors valuable resources. Verified security systems at Secure Pacific, which confirm every security breach with a live video stream, are a guaranteed way to avoid draining your city’s resources and paying steep penalties. Contact a Secure Pacific representative today for information on our security services.