Seattle Site Protection | Second Time’s a Charm

AdpearanceArrests & Apprehensions

Last week’s apprehensions in Seattle show that the second time can really be a charm when it comes to crime fighting. Our Verification Center handled an incident on July 29 where Seattle PD could not find suspects after the first dispatch, but because our operator had video evidence of a break-in, the officers decided to stake out. An hour later, our operator received more video verification alarms and let the officers know. They cased the site and shouted, “Stop! Police!” One of the suspects hopped the fence and got away, but the other was arrested. That same day, another operator, Joe, received a motion viewer activation that showed a person on a different Seattle job site. Joe dispatched Redmond PD and notified the site responders. He then received another alarm and updated the dispatch. The police called back and said they had one in custody. In keeping with the “second time’s a charm” theme, Redmond PD had caught three teens at the same site two days before due to one of our dispatches. The teens were released to their parents. Our strong relationships with local police departments in the Seattle area enable us to have such a high apprehension rate. Many alarm companies see their job as creating a sense of safety among their customers, but lack proven response success when a crime actually occurs. We understand that peace of mind is very important, but at the same time, it’s better to be actually protected than just to feel like you have security. By minimizing false alarms, providing officers with critical information about a burglar’s whereabouts and supporting crime reduction efforts in our area, we have earned the trust and respect of law enforcement agencies. After every apprehension, we send letters and certificates to the responding agency to demonstrate our gratitude for the bravery and professionalism of the officers involved. Our commitment to security in the Pacific Northwest goes beyond just protecting our customers: we want to help law enforcement officers and dispatchers do their jobs to the best of their ability by using video verification to give them all the information they need to make informed decisions.