Secure Your Alarm System and More Through Our Mobile App!

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One of the many features of our Secure Pacific alarm systems is our Virtual Keypad mobile application compatible with our Verisafe systems. This user friendly app makes your security system function simple and convenient. How many times have you left the house wondering if you really did arm your system before you left? Now you can check if your system is armed from wherever you are. You are also able to add a temporary user code for a house-sitter when you go away on a much needed vacation, but don’t want to give out your main user code and delete it when you return.

Do you have an employee or family member who’s notorious for not arming the system before leaving? A child that goes to and from school without you? With the Virtual Keypad app you have the ability to set a perimeter for app users that will notify you when the person gets within as little as half a mile from the set location. As a parent, you can set a Geofence perimeter for the house and one for your child’s school so you know when they leave and arrive at the set destinations. This can also be very useful for business owners that want to be notified of when employees or janitorial staff enter or leave the building to ensure the system is being properly armed and disarmed. If there are any concerns, you are able to arm it directly from your app and notify the employee as a reminder for next time.

Spotlight App Functions:
  • Arm and disarm from anywhere
  • View livestream video and saved clips from cameras
  • Add, change, and delete codes as needed
  • Set a Geofence for app users
Download the app to your phone:
iPhone: App Store
Android: Google Play Store

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Words by Kayla White, Customer Service Representative, Spokane