Secure Pacific: 2013 Year in Review

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As 2013 comes to an end, we at Secure Pacific want to reflect on the accomplishments and progress we have made during the year. Thanks to our dedicated employees and loyal customers, and by utilizing alarm verification technology, we have been able to provide peace of mind to people and businesses across the Northwest for more than 35 years. Some highlights of this year were:

  • Construction site apprehensions: In 2013, we provided verified audio and video surveillance across the Pacific Northwest. This September in Everett, WA, two men were apprehended at a construction site for trespassing and attempting to steal tools and equipment. Using video verification, a Verification Center Operator was able to detect the intruders and alert the local authorities, who proceeded to quickly catch the suspects.
  • Interesting apprehensions: A trespassing young couple was escorted off a construction site in Hillsboro, OR, after Portland PD was alerted by a Verification Center Operator. Later in October, another Verification Center Operator aided in capturing an individual who had been tipping over portable toilets in Lynnwood, WA, once again with the help of video verification.
  • Restaurant security: Restaurant security has always been a specialty here at Secure Pacific, and in 2013 we continued to protect your favorite dining establishments. This August, a Secure Pacific security system detected a burglar who had broken into a Seattle restaurant. A Verification Center Operator contacted Seattle PD and the suspect was apprehended shortly after leaving the restaurant.
  • I-502 security solutions: With the recent legalization of marijuana in the state of Washington, marijuana retailers and growers are becoming increasingly common—as well as high-risk targets for burglary. Having effective security is absolutely crucial for these businesses, and we at Secure Pacific are ready to provide top-of-the-line security systems that are fully compliant with I-502.
  • School security: This May, we had the opportunity to help facilitate training exercises at a local university to respond during a violent emergency. We at Secure Pacific recognize that the safety of younger generations, particularly in a learning environment, is imperative.

This year has been a successful one, and we look forward to serving and protecting you in 2014.