Secure Pacific helps police nab two trespassers *Video Included*

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Early in the evening on August 14, two men thought that they could get away with a little trespassing at a Hillsboro, Ore. construction site. They were wrong.

After the men tripped sensors at the southeast side, Verification Center operator Denise Smith was able to see their activity onsite using Secure Pacific’s motion viewing software. She immediately dispatched the Washington County Sheriff, who easily apprehended them. The men lived nearby and said they just wanted to check out the site. Even without bad intentions, trespassing on construction sites is very dangerous and can lead to major damages and legal troubles for the construction firm and the individuals involved.



Making this apprehension unique is the fact that Secure Pacific has only been securing the site for the last two weeks—but in that time, the Verification Center has alerted police to two incidents of trespassing. In the last week and a half, three suspected trespassers have been removed from the site.

Pretty impressive stats, considering that most other alarm companies are lucky if they ever catch one trespasser at a site. Two apprehensions in less than two weeks? That’s what makes Secure Pacific the better choice.

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