Secure Pacific: The Local Ownership You Want, the Experience You Need

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Secure Pacific is part of the leading verified security company in the Pacific Northwest. With offices throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, we have a large reach, but maintain local ownership and management so that we can be there when you need us. We know that when you choose a security company, you trust them to protect what is most valuable. Place that trust in a local company to ensure your home or business is protected by those who understand the area and see you as a neighbor, not just a customer.

By choosing Secure Pacific for your residential or commercial security needs, you will receive the highest level of protection. Our experienced team will work with you to design, install, and manage a custom security system that seamlessly integrates with your home or business. Security systems from Secure Pacific come with Verisafe® technology and 24/7 monitoring to keep you safe around the clock. Each operator on our Verification Team is trained to verify alarm signals and respond appropriately. This constant monitoring and quick response time results in a faster police response and more criminal apprehensions.

Along with our Verified alarm technology and rich history of protection, each security system we install and manage comes with our Peace of Mind Guarantee. To ensure peace of mind, we guarantee customer satisfaction with their alarm system and provide an equipment and labor guarantee, as well as an emergency service guarantee. Because we stand behind our security systems, if an undetected forced entry occurs, we promise to pay up to $5,000 of any losses incurred to your business or home. Similarly, if you receive a false alarm fine due to a Secure Pacific dispatch, we will represent you in getting the fine voided or pay the fine ourselves.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom security solutions and history of protection. At Secure Pacific, we enjoy creating lasting client relationships and look forward to helping address your unique security needs.