Security for Buildings Being Renovated | Three Arrests in One Day

AdpearanceArrests & Apprehensions

Stephany dispatched Tacoma PD to an intrusion at a commercial building undergoing renovation yesterday. At 11:45 a.m., she received a motion viewer alarm that showed a female and male at the Tacoma building. While she was dispatching, she saw video of the female suspect climbing in and out of a window. The police called back and said that they found evidence of a break-in, so they would need a responder. Stephany notified the business contact. The officers later called back and said that they arrested a man found inside the building. Roughly six hours after Stephany dispatched the police the first time, Michelle received an alarm coming from the back of the same building. She could see a slender young male looking around. Michelle dispatched PD and later received motion viewer activations showing the police doing a search. As she was on the line with the dispatch, she received video of two men being taken away in handcuffs. Security for buildings being renovated can be tricky. With contractors in and out and windows and doors often removed, it can be hard to tell who is supposed to be inside. We use our temporary, wireless security system to defend buildings during all stages of the renovation process. Watching video of police officers escorting suspects off the premises under our banner is pretty exciting.