Security for I-502 Establishments | Store Alarm Systems

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As you probably know, Washington State recently passed Initiative I-502, legalizing the production, processing and retail selling of marijuana.  As a security professional, I see some major issues arising here in terms of burglary prevention and protecting employees from violence. In the time since I-502 passed, there have been many break-ins at collectives. On May 30, for instance, Seattle PD responded to two break-ins and a suspicious fire at businesses in this industry.  Interestingly, many security companies are turning down these establishments because they are considered too high-risk. We believe that all businesses should protect their employees from violence. We recommend that collectives use store panic/hold-up alarms and CCTV systems that can be used in moments of immediate threat. Once the panic button is triggered, police are dispatched immediately. The CCTV footage can then assist in prosecution and suspect identification. Many of the criminal actions we have seen at collectives here in the Seattle area have taken place at night after the doors are closed. Our video verification alarms protect not only the perimeter of retail spaces, but the insides as well. That means that when burglars use non-traditional means of gaining entry, such as by tunneling through an adjoining business (yes, this does happen), our system will still detect them. Response time is everything when your facility is being broken in to or if your employees are in need of police assistance.  Verified store alarm systems, such as what Secure Pacific offers, receive quicker police response, which produces a higher probability of catching the criminal in the act and preventing loss. If you hold an I-502 license for retail, please give us a call… We will protect your employees and assets. For your free Security Consultation, please call us at 877-837-4723.