Selling an idea to protect you

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One of the oldest and most humorous quotes from the salesperson handbook is the term “Always Be Closing”. Salespeople like to hunt, court and close business. The happiest salesperson is hunting non-stop and closing every day.

What also makes a “good” sales person happy is helping people solve problems and find the right solution.

Selling verified security is a new frontier for me, but a great one. I get to engage with many walks of life each day. One day, I’ll be talking to a convience store owner and the next day, a commercial developer. At the end of every day, the same reward is met, providing a customer with verified peace of mind protection of their business or home.

Verifying, or confirming, a burglar alarm is real and not a false alarm makes a major difference. In 2011, verification by our monitoring operators, helped local law enforcement agencies catch 257 criminals. Our verified security and service is the best in the business and selling that idea is the true reward.

When I think of Secure Pacific, I liken it to high end retail store quality. When I shop for suits, I buy at the local, but nationally known department store. I know I may pay more, but I’m buying clothing and an idea. I invest in the idea of the best product and customer service in the world. Salespeople at department stores like this sell customer service and quality just as much as they do clothing.

In our business, we are selling a superior quality product and customer service from a locally owned and operated company. We are part of the community and will work to bring the best technology and service to our clients. The philosophies are the same; the outcome is even better.

Ultimately, selling verified security systems and service is selling peace of mind and quality. I am proud to be helping people find peace of mind by increasing their safety.