Site Security for Construction Projects—You Know You Need It

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Site security for construction projects…every site must deal with it, because every project manager and superintendent knows they are going to be hit.  Live guards have been the answer for many years until now. In the past, a guard stayed in his or her car (supposedly awake) but not in the site and not able to be in more than one place at a time. In many cases, from stories I have been told, the guards are sleeping on the job.

What if you could use a set of devices that do not sleep, show up every night and as soon as anything moves, they see it, record it and send it off to someone whose only job is to watch and monitor these instant clips of activity on a site? Our state-of-the-art Verification Center is a multimillion dollar facility with more than 34 years of history monitoring and protecting businesses, families and job sites.

That is why over 20 job sites in the area are doing just that; protecting their site with technology that works.

On-site wireless construction project alarms are working all over the Pacific Northwest every night to protect job sites for a cost that is more than 5 times less than live guards. This system needs no power, no wires, no IP lines or phone lines, and it works 100% on battery and cell technology.

You want your site protected from thieves just like the major general contractors are?

We are ready to save you money, lost time, equipment, tools and supplies you need on site to complete your project.

Secure Pacific, serving the Pacific Northwest in verified security solutions.