“Smart” New Features in Residential Security Systems in 2013

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As consumers become increasingly tech-savvy, they want to control their home environment, from the lighting on their front porch to the video camera scanning the back yard. New automated security systems allow them to do just that. Using secure digital sign-ins, alarm company customers can log in to their home security system using a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

This wireless security access can be the 21st century equivalent of leaving a key under the mat. If you want your next-door neighbors to check that you didn’t leave a pot boiling on the stove, you can remotely unlock your door and disarm your security system to allow them access. Even better, if your security company provides video surveillance, you can log in to your alarm company’s video feed and view your home for yourself.

Streamlined home security systems can even integrate a home’s lighting and heating controls, so that you can set your thermostat to increase the heat and your entryway lights to come on just before you expect to arrive. It’s the digital equivalent of calling to say, “Honey, I’m home.”

According to industry publication Security Systems News, completely automated home security systems are the fastest-growing type of alarm system on the market today, with installations expected to continue increasing in 2013.

To find out how to increase your home’s safety with wireless security, contact Secure Pacific. We can walk you through exactly what it would take to keep your home safe and connected, anytime and from anywhere.