St. Patrick’s Day Arrests in Washington

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Three suspects have been arrested recently thanks to Secure Pacific alarms Early in the day on St. Patrick’s Day, the luck of the Irish didn’t extend to a Lynnwood, WA trespasser who was detected at a construction job site. Kris was monitoring accounts in the Verification Center when she received motion viewer activations at one of the site buildings and could see a suspect wearing a light hoodie and dark pants. She dispatched Snohomish County Sheriff on a verified alarm. Once she saw that the officers were onsite, she let them know that they were in the same area where the suspect had last been. One suspect was taken into custody. Going with the St. Patrick’s Day theme, two burglars were arrested after breaking into a pub recently. It was 2:40 in the afternoon last Thursday when another Operator, Cindy, was notified of motion viewer activations at the rear door of Anchor Pub in Everett. Due to the restaurant security system installed throughout the building, she continued receiving motion viewer activations throughout the facility. She dispatched Everett PD. The following day, the pub contact let Cindy know that two suspects were arrested. Watch the COLOR motion viewer footage below: