Stop Criminals in Their Tracks with Residential Security Systems

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Home security systems are a smart idea not only for homeowners, but for insurance carriers as well. As an insurance provider, you want your customers to take steps to keep their home safe. Installation of a home security system can do exactly that, by giving the homeowner peace of mind and a secure home, while simultaneously letting the insurance company know that the home is not vulnerable to burglary or theft.

Prevention matters when it comes to home security.

“An alarmed single family home is more than 60 percent less likely to be burgled than a similar home without an alarm,” according to a recent study by Dr. Simon Hakim of Temple University.

Encouraging customers to install home security systems, and perhaps even offering incentives for them to do so, can pay off in the long run. Home security systems are more affordable and dependable than ever before, and their protection goes beyond preventing burglaries. Fire monitoring and flood detection systems can often be included with a home surveillance system.

Preventative measures to protect one’s home are a smart investment that avert hardship for the customer and prevent costly insurance claims for the carrier. So, when you help your customers insure their homes and protect their belongings, talk to them about the best home security surveillance they can receive. At Secure Pacific, our verified security systems offer 24/7 verification monitoring so that in an emergency, a quick response is assured and false alarms are prevented. With the Secure Pacific Peace of Mind Guarantee, an investment in residential security is worry-free and insurance is well spent.

Protect your customers and prevent damages to their homes by encouraging the installation of Secure Pacific Verified Security Systems today.