Stop Gambling with Job Site Loss

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  Job sites suffer loss every day across the Puget Sound due to job site theft. The question is never if you will get hit and suffer a job site loss, but when you’ll get hit.  Are you gambling with your site?  You may say, “Well, we have not been hit yet, let’s keep rolling the dice and see if we make it without a big hit.” Then you get to the job site Monday morning and find that all 5 of your roof mounted HVAC units have been stripped of copper.  Your job cost just went up nearly $250,000. Interestingly, I often find that there are never funds in the budget for security, but there are funds to replace, repair and make right those items stolen or vandalized after a loss. It is just this simple, so how much are you willing to risk? We have been told by one of our GC’s that the cost to protect one of their sites for the entire build is less than the deductible on their insurance protecting for loss.  They do not look at verified security as a cost, but rather an investment in protecting assets and eliminating delays due to theft. Stop gambling. The weather is getting colder and vacant sites are a magnet for the homeless and those looking for fast money to get off the street. We have seen theft go up when it gets cold. Lock down your site; protect your investment and the investment of your subs. Secure Pacific’s job site security program will do just that. Knowing when someone is on your site after hours and knowing someone is watching that activity from a local professional monitoring center gives so many of our superintendents peace of mind.