Secure Pacific Puts a Stop to Construction Site Burglary

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Secure Pacific Corporation,  with locations in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Portland and Boise, assisted the Seattle Police Department in making another apprehension early Tuesday morning. 

One of our expert operators in the Verification Center® dispatched Seattle PD last night at 11:45 when she received an alarm on the north garage area of a construction site with a Secure Pacific security system and used live video footage to see an individual walking away from the camera. She then received another alarm at an outdoor area near a crane, which allowed her to got a better look at the suspect, who was wearing a UW hoodie and ball cap and carrying a messenger bag.  The operator advised the police of the updated description and location as she continued getting alarms on site.

Officers advised that they found one person on site and were speaking with him.  They later called back and said that officers had taken the individual into custody.

Watch the footage now:

Construction job sites are very difficult to protect, but our technology gives us a leg up on the bad guys.  We continue to assist local police departments with apprehending criminals.  Within seconds of the intrusion, Secure Pacific’s alarm system sends live video to our Verification Center® and our professional local operators immediately contact the authorities.  

Construction job sites are only a small portion of our business: we also offer comprehensive intrusion detection, video surveillance, managed access control and fire monitoring for vacant commercial properties, small to medium sized businesses, government facilities and personal residences.  

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