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Summer is finally here and this time of year is great for business owners to renovate, rearrange and reorganize their buildings, as well as to leave their doors and windows wide open. Unfortunately, summer time also brings an uptick of crime; in fact, our Verification Center usually rakes in most of its annual criminal apprehensions between June and September. While locking doors and closing windows are easy ways to prevent theft at your business, they won’t do much once someone gets inside. The same goes for conventional alarm systems with contacts on doors and a solitary motion detector. Systems like those produce false alarm rates of around 98%, which will make your long summer nights even longer with call after  Once you’ve had enough of those calls, you might even be convinced that every trip is false and be hesitant to ask for the police to be called. We believe that Tacoma business alarms can be a positive asset to a business owner, not a drain. Our alarm systems protect the assets of companies through the South Puget Sound region by using video verification technology that drastically reduces false alarms by proving that a break-in is occurring. Our systems also provide comprehensive coverage that can recognize break-ins from unconventional entry points like roof hatches and walls. By reducing your false alarm headaches and increasing your level of real protection, our business alarm systems in Tacoma can help you keep your company thriving through the summer months.