Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Basement

Katelyn SmrecanskySecurity Resources

When people think about securing their home, they often think about the doors and windows, primarily. But what about the basement? It is often an over looked area that definitely deserves some attention. Below are ten tips on how to better secure your basement from burglars. 1. Secure the inside. Make sure that there is no furniture or other tall items around to help a burglar climb down into the basement from the outside 2. Make sure the basement is well lit as well as the area outside, especially at night 3. Replace your windows with shatterproof glass or add security film so a broken window would stay in place upon an attempt to break it 4. Add bars to your windows 5. Use locks where applicable 6. Keep any valuables out of sight 7. Make sure the windows are visible so people aren’t able to hide behind large bushes or plants 8. Add items to the path leading up … Read More