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Construction sites are often a target for burglaries, vandalism, and other criminal activity. Expensive building materials and hardware, coupled with multiple entrance points and oftentimes lax security create quite the draw for burglars and criminals. Because of the high cost materials at construction sites and the challenges associated with providing high quality security, some security companies are hesitant to provide security systems for commercial and residential construction sites. Secure Pacific however, is a different kind of security company and we stand behind our verified security systems for construction sites with our Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Construction site security system delivers results

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Protecting a construction site from thieves, trespassers and vandals is notoriously difficult due to the lack of physical barriers (doors, locks, walls). However, these sites need protection for expensive equipment, tools, construction supplies, wiring and plumbing. This is why Secure Pacific created a security solution designed specifically for buildings under construction.

Construction job site security

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Ask any General Contractor (GC) where the biggest losses on a job site come from and they will likely tell you from theft of tools and construction materials like lumber, fuel and copper or from vandalism. Until recently GCs had to factor those losses into bids.

What a difference verification makes

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Verified alarm, monitored alarm … alarm system, security system … audio verification, video verification … listen back, glass break, motion sensor, motion viewer, remote access, home link, door contacts, chime, verification center, 24-hour monitoring, etc., etc.

What does all this mean to the business owner who just wants to protect his or her livelihood, property, future and employees?

The value of a local security company

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At Secure Pacific, we are a business security company that provides office security. We are also a home security company that provides home security systems. Most importantly, we are a local security company that treats our customers with top notch loyalty and professionalism.

What is the value of supporting local businesses? There are many values. Think of these few examples as a map to the success of supporting your community:

Don’t let your business be next

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According to the 2011 FBI Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report, there were 987 robberies, 6,149 burglaries and 25,858 instances of property crime reported during the first half of 2011 in the Puget Sound Area.

In the US, a commercial robbery is committed every four minutes, and retail stores with no burglar alarm system are 3.5 times more likely to be victimized than those retail stores with an alarm system.

Get verified, not monitored

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Why “verified” security instead of monitored security?

Easy, Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF).

Verified Security systems allow an Operation Center Operator to see and/or hear a crime in progress, allows the operator to contact the police with a “Verified” crime in progress, eliminates the guessing by the police officer responding to the scene, and best of all, provides a greater probability of putting the bad guys in jail.