Securing an Empty Building

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Too often property owners mistakenly think they have nothing in their building a thief would want. This is particularly true when a building doesn’t have a tenant. Owners fail to realize the value of the materials used to build the structure. Wiring, pipes, heating and cooling equipment, and the like are worth more than you would think.

The High Cost of Guessing

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Across the county and in our communities, shrinking budgets have police departments facing deep cuts. This makes it more important than ever for the burglar alarm industry to recognize what false burglar alarms cost a community and take real action to reduce them.

According to the Center for Problem-oriented Policing, officers respond to more than 36 million alarm activations annually, at an estimated annual cost of $1.8 billion. As approximately 95-99 percent of these activations are false alarms, most of that $1.8 billion is wasted.

Preparing for a More Secure Winter

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Brrrrr … the weather forecast this morning calls for snow above 1000 feet.

I know, right? I’m not ready either.

But ready or not, here winter comes. You can’t put off your facility’s cold weather preparation projects any longer. While you’re at it, add these items to your winterization “to do” list to help increase facility security. Your company and employees will benefit and you’ll enjoy a more peaceful winter season over the chilly winter months.