Tip Tuesday: Camping Safety

Katelyn SmrecanskySecurity Resources

Did you know that over 45 million people went camping between spring 2008 and 2015? If camping plans are on your horizon and you aren’t prepared or properly educated, your camping trip could quickly go awry. Check out our top tips below. Always bring extra food and water: Generally speaking you would probably bring enough food just for the time you plan on camping, but what if you and your family/friends get stuck in a storm, lost or stranded? Always bring more than you think you need in case of any unforeseen predicament. Directions: Always have some sort of GPS device like your phone or even a physical map or compass in case your phone dies. (On that note, bring an external and wireless phone charger. Make sure you charge it before your trip.) Pay attention to landmarks and don’t stray too far at night when it’s dark out. Keep it simple: Be sure to bring food and beverages that … Read More