Spokane, Secure Pacific Security Is Here!

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  Secure Pacific is proud to announce our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony celebrating the opening of our new Spokane office! We invite you to join us on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 4pm to commemorate the special occasion! We are extremely excited to bring our Verified Security Systems and provide Verified Peace of Mind® to our customers throughout the Inland Northwest. We will be providing complementary refreshments, raffling off many prizes, and holding live demos of our Verified System! We look forward to your company. Please RSVP at on our Evite page, here. Contact Kayla White (509-822-8513) for more information. What: Secure Pacific’s Ribbon Cutting Celebration When: 4pm on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 Where: Secure Pacific’s Spokane Office SECURE PACIFIC CORPORATION 877-837-4723 9011 East Valleyway Ave. Spokane Valley, WA 99212    

Another Apprehended Early Yesterday Morning!

Katelyn SmrecanskyArrests & Apprehensions

At around three yesterday morning our video verification specialist received alarm activations from a construction site in Seattle. He could see one person on site and dispatched police. The specialist continued to receive more alarms and updated police. Police called back to confirm the arrest of one! Check out the footage below. And don’t forget to check out all of our other footage at https://www.youtube.com/user/SecurePacific!

Tip Tuesday: Quick Security System Checklist for Small Businesses

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As a small business owner, you worry about how to best protect your business from vandalism and theft. If turning off the lights and locking the door don’t seem like enough, you’re right, these steps are simply not enough to protect your business. By taking a few extra precautions, you can make your business a less attractive target for would-be criminals. To help. we’ve put together a quick checklist that will help you identify ways to make your business more secure. According to the 2015 FBI Uniform Crime Report, almost 400,000 businesses were victims of burglaries. On average, these businesses suffered a loss of $2300 in property and damages. For many small businesses, whether the losses are covered by their insurance company or not, the time and cost to get back up and running can be devastating. No matter the size of your business, a monitored small business security system is a smart investment. With a monitored system, you can … Read More

Trespassers Can’t Get Past Us!

Katelyn SmrecanskyArrests & Apprehensions

It was at 12:30 yesterday morning when our video verification specialist received an alarm from a construction site in Seattle. He could see people on site and alerted police as well as emergency contacts. Police arrested one for trespassing! Check out our footage below.

One Apprehended Saturday Morning

Katelyn SmrecanskyArrests & Apprehensions

It was early Saturday morning when our operator received an alarm signal from an automotive shop in Seattle. She could see a person on site and alerted police as well as the emergency contact. The operator then received additional activations and could see a white male with a short sleeved shirt and long pants; he was stacking tires. The man was apprehended for burglary.

Referral Bonus Program

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Together Always Growing, otherwise known as TAG, is our referral bonus program. When you refer someone and they have one of our‪ security‬‬‬ systems installed, we’ll say “thanks” with $100.00 for you and $100.00 to the ‎charity‬ of your choosing. Or you can have the total $200 donated in your name to the charity you select. Referrals from our clients are the greatest compliments we can receive! Click for more information https://www.securepacific.com/about-us/referral-bonus/ or reach out to your Customer Service Representative or Security Consultant for more information. Our team will take great care of the people you refer to us and our entire community will benefit from your donation!

Two Different Arrests, One Construction Site

Katelyn SmrecanskyArrests & Apprehensions

July 23- The operator was monitoring when she received an alarm activation from the garage entrance at a Seattle construction site. She contacted the police and emergency contacts. One was arrested for trespassing. July 28- It was at the same Seattle construction site from a week prior where the video analyst received activations from the garage ramp early in the morning. She could see one male suspect on site with a short sleeved jersey type shirt, dark baggy shorts, a baseball hat and white shoes with a dark backpack on. She dispatched police and notified the emergency contacts. She then received activations from the south stairs and could see someone on site. The suspect was taken into custody for trespassing and possession of stolen property. Watch the footage below from the July 23 incident!

One Arrested on Saturday

Katelyn SmrecanskyArrests & Apprehensions

The video analyst was monitoring when she received activations from a Seattle construction site over the weekend. The analyst could see a person on site carrying bags and dispatched police as well as the emergency contacts. She continued to receive additional trips and could see police with K9 on site. One was arrested for trespassing. Check out the footage below!

One Apprehended Yesterday for Burglary

Katelyn SmrecanskyArrests & Apprehensions

It was early yesterday morning when the operator received alarm signals from a manufacturing company in Everett. She contacted police and the emergency contacts. The operator received another activation and could see an older male with a dark t-shirt and overalls on. She updated police with the suspect description. The contact called back to say they had one suspect in custody, he was caught offsite. The suspect tried to steal a generator, tools and other supplies. He also tore the motion viewer from its spot to avoid detection.

Two Arrested Early Yesterday Morning

Katelyn SmrecanskyArrests & Apprehensions

The video verification specialist was monitoring early yesterday morning when he received alarm activations from the east scaffolding stairs of a construction site in Kenmore. He could see one person on site carrying an object. He then dispatched police and alerted the emergency contacts. The local police officer said that they pulled someone over who matched the description and he had a generator in his vehicle. Two were arrested for burglary. The customer was able to get back all of their equipment that was taken from the site. Check out the footage below!