The Importance of Updating Your Emergency Contact List

Katelyn SmrecanskySecurity Resources

When you commit to buying a Secure Pacific security system, whether it’s for home or office, we ask that you provide emergency contacts for your site(s). These contacts are backup for if you cannot be reached during an emergency. Therefore, they play an incredibly important role in keeping your home or office safe. However, sometimes an operator will come across a number that’s been disconnected, no longer in service, there is no answer or the person on the other end has no idea who you are because your original contact has changed their number. When an operator can’t reach someone or is having to dial multiple different numbers, it is wasting precious time. So who exactly should be on your emergency contact list? Simply put, it should be anyone you trust to represent you if you cannot be reached. In addition you’ll want to make sure they: • Understand how to arm and disarm your system • Have a personal … Read More